• If you’re a fan of Sonos devices, then you should definitely be interested to know about Sonos Beam. Just follow the post below.

    The brilliantly-designed Sonos soundbars are excellent and its sound is just incredible as well as easy to use. Its high-tech features and functionalities are really amazing. Actually, the new Sonos Beam device is offering a range of functions, such as Alexa voice control. Moreover, it’s also a budget-friendly option. However, in order to bring the features and functionalities in a compact structure, Sonos was bound to make a couple of compromises on its sound quality. When it comes to design, the Sonos Beam device is a flattened and extended pill with the measurement of 25.6 x 3.9 x 2.7-inch. And it’s smaller, as compared to most of the soundbars. However, a number of things are there within a particular unit. This incredibly-designed device is featured with four woofers as well as one tweeter that will be helpful in producing room-filling sound. The Sonos Beam device is all about the Sonos minimalist aesthetic. You’ll come across a touch-sensitive top through which you can modify the volume, skip tracks, and so on. Moreover, a single LED light will show you the status of the soundbar. Nonetheless, it’s also possible to mute the microphone.

    Moreover, you can also make a connection to the TV through HDMI or the digital optical audio. The Sonos Beam makes use of Wi-Fi for connecting to the internet for the purpose of streaming audio. Nonetheless, the Beam also makes use of Wi-Fi for connecting to the internet so that you can stream audio and so that you can make a connection with other Sonos speakers on the specific network for the multiroom audio. Also, you can make use of a wired Ethernet cable for accessing the network. Moreover, along with other Sonos soundbars, the Sonos Beam doesn’t feature with a remote. It’s possible to control the same with the already-present TV remote. Alternatively, if your TV provides support to HDMI ARC-CEC, you can make use of Amazon's Alexa as well as voice commands for its control. For instance, it’s possible to tell it to adjust the volume etc. Moreover, the brilliant Sonos Beam device also works with Siri and all credits go to Apple's AirPlay 2 technology. The touch controls of this particular device are placed atop the soundbar through which you can choose the volume up or down, play or pause, previous or next, and microphone mute. Moreover, an LED is there for indicating the respective soundbar's status, voice feedback, and mute status. Throughout the backside, you’d find out the Ethernet port, HDMI connection, a pairing button, and the power connection.

    It’s available in incredible black and white finishes and its appearance is stylish. Inside of this device, full-range drivers, three passive radiators, and one tweeter are present along with five class-D amplifiers. On the specific Playbar as well as Playbase, the brilliant radiators and drivers are placed throughout the front and also the edges of the respective bar. Thus, the drive can sound throughout your room with an amazingly room-filling and immersive sound. Moreover, the voice control feature is handled by the brilliant far-field microphones, which make sure that the Sonos Beam device is able to hear you, regardless of your location in the room. It also holds true even while the respective speaker is actually blaring out a music or movie. However, in case you’re conscious about data security, it’s possible to turn off the mics, as per your choice.

    The incredible Sonos Beam device is actually a usual Sonos product. It’s actually not simply a soundbar- it‘s a multi-room, wireless speaker as well that is able to play music from approximately any source. Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, network-connected hard drives, or your phone- all of these are compatible and can also be amalgamated within queues as well as on-the-fly playlists. Moreover, this particular device can also talk to any other Sonos products that are present in your home and play the same music like the Play:5 in the dining room or the One in the kitchen. In simple words, Sonos Beam is an amazing device.

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  • If you’re a lover of Sonos, then you must understand the procedure of fixing Google Assistant on your Sonos speaker. simply follow the post below. 

    The good news is that Google Assistant is on the market currently on the Sonos One still because the Sonos Beam. meaning you’re currently getting another selection apart from Alexa in order to handle the voice commands. However, if the Assistant is controlling your good smart home gadgets or just in case if only assume that it's higher, then you'll exchange. Don’t you own a brilliantly-designed Sonos speaker along with a built-in mic, like the Beam or One, you'll also management of alternative speakers of the corporate just in case you have got a Google Home speaker in some places in your house. in a very shell, the setup procedure is incredibly similar in each of the situations. It’s assumed within the post that the Sonos speakers are up still as running already.

    How to set up Google Assistant on your Sonos One or Sonos Beam

    Each and every Sonos’ smart speaker can be featured with its own voice assistant. So, if you prefer, you can easily configure one for using Alexa as well as another for making use of Google Assistant. And under this scenario, the specific Sonos system remains in synchronization and also both of the voice helpers stay familiar with what is playing and it doesn’t matter from which you had requested it.

    In order to select Google Assistant, you need to execute the below steps:

    First, you need to open the brilliantly-designed Sonos application on the respective mobile device.

    It’s time for tapping the “More” tab, present at the bottom right part followed by picking “Voice Services.”

    Now, select “Google Assistant.” From that place, you’d be given a roster of compatible speakers from where you can choose which speakers you prefer to operate Google Assistant rather than Alexa.

    Once you’ve selected the speaker (s), you’d be switched to the specific Google Assistant app. When it comes to iOS, first you must install it for successfully going through this particular process. Now, it’s time for signing in with the respective Sonos account information for the purpose of linking Assistant to the already-present Sonos Setup. After that, Google would go through multiple steps that comprise of detection of the Sonos speaker that requests the permission for accessing and controlling the same. It will ask you about the room it has been placed in followed by adding the music services you have used. However, in case you’re an existing Google Assistant user, you might have already configured it to work with Google Play Music, Pandora, or Spotify. Nonetheless, you need to make sure that these same services have been added to the respective Sonos account via the Sonos app. Next, you’d go through the specific Google part of the particular setup for each and every Sonos Beam or One on which you’re making use of Assistant. After the completion of all of the steps, it’s possible to say “Hey Google” or “OK Google” to initiate trying out music requests or voice commands.

    How to control older Sonos speakers with the help of a Google Home speaker

    Actually, the process is mostly similar in case you have got a Play:1 or Play:5, which you’d wish to control with the help of a Google Home speaker within the same room or any other place within your house. In order to configure Google Assistant for controlling the Sonos speakers, you need to execute the following steps:

    First, you need to just open the Sonos app on the specific mobile device. It’s time for tapping the “More” tab present at the bottom right part followed by selecting “Voice Services.” Next, select Google Assistant.

    But, this time no menu will be there for selecting the speakers. Just you need to sign in with the respective Sonos account credentials within the Google Assistant app.

    It’s time for linking all of the respective music services to Google Assistant in case you already haven’t done that. Next, just select which one you want to be the default source for the purpose of song requests.

    Owing to Google Home or Home Mini, you can easily play as well as pause music on Sonos. Skipping tracks and adjusting volume are also possible.

    If you have any other issue you can ask you anything we are in your help. Issue like Sonos Boost SetupSonos Bridge Setup Etc...

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